Disclosure Services

South West Community Cycles is now a Registered Body with Disclosure Scotland and have the ability to process applications for Standard and Enhanced Disclosure and membership with the PVG scheme.

We would like to offer this service to individuals within the community and other organisations requiring this service for their volunteers or staff.

In addition to the cost of the application imposed by Disclosure Scotland (listed below) we will charge a processing fee of £25.

Standard Disclosure – £25 (plus £25 processing fee)

Enhanced Disclosure – £25 (plus £25 processing fee)

PVG Scheme Membership – £59 (plus £25 processing fee)

PVG Scheme Update – £18 (plus £25 processing fee)

We understand that for some individuals this cost may prove difficult and we are keen to support members of our local community.  Please contact us if you require a disclosure but are unable to cover the cost as we would be happy to consider trading the processing cost of the application for volunteering hours.

For members of our 1848 Volunteer Project the full cost will be covered in relation to the application.

Please call us on 0141 632 7155 or email info@southwestcommunitycycles.co.uk for further information.

Need help getting your disclosure or PVG processed? Get in touch to see what we can do for you!