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Cycle Tuition

Our Cycle Tuition Services

Whether you are new to cycling or haven’t been on a bike in years, our private one 2 one lessons could help you.  Our cycle coach can teach you how to ride a bike, help you improve your skills and gain confidence to enable you to cycle with ease.  Lessons are charged at £22 per hour and can be booked by calling 0141 632 7155 or by emailing


0141 632 7155

We arrange a variety of led rides from our cycling centre covering a range of distances and routes.  To join in a led ride suitable for your ability please see our Events Section or check out our Facebook for information too.

When attending a ride you should come prepared for the weather so please bring suitable clothing (i.e. waterproof jacket, gloves etc but please no baggy trousers or long coats for safety reasons!) and bring refreshments or snacks.

You are welcome to bring your own bike, though they will be checked for safety prior to departure.  We have bike hire facilities and you can book a bike, helmet and lock for your cycle if required, prices for hire can be found under the Cycle Rental Section.

For further information please call 0141 632 7155. Or Email


Weekly Led Rides around Pollok Park are held every;

Wednesday at 11:15am

Thursday at 10:15am

0141 632 7155

South West Community Cycles

Cycling on the road can be a scary prospect but commuting by bike is an excellent way to keep fit, reduce your carbon footprint and scrap costly travel expenses.  With traffic often at a standstill in rush hour you’ll find commuting by bike is often quicker and far less stressful.  If you’ve never cycled on the road why not book time with our cycle coach who can teach you how to ride safely in traffic and help you plan a route to your destination.  Prices start at £22 per hour and you can book by calling 0141 632 7155 or emailing

From £22/hour

0141 632 7155

South West Community Cycles is a hero organisation for Play on Pedals.  Play on Pedals is a partnership between CTC, Cycling Scotland and Play Scotland. Play on Pedals is also recognised by Glasgow City Council as a Community Based Games Legacy project delivering a very positive Legacy pre and post-Games.  Play on Pedals sessions give children the chance to learn how to ride a bike using balance bikes and pedal bikes.  We can assist play on pedals for your school, children’s group, community centre or nursery.  For further information please call 0141 632 7155 or email

0141 632 7155