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Servicing We Offer

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Repair Services

Service Options Price
Inner tubes £5 per tube
Fit tyre/tube to wheel £5.50
Wheel spindle/bearing replacement/re-grease £20.00
Wheel truing (per wheel, subject to wheel condition) £15.00
Spoke replacement ring for pricing
Service Options Price
Gear Adjustment (with existing cables) £10.50
Gear Service (including replacement of inner cables) £20.50
Gear Cable – replace and adjust (single) £10.50
Front Mech—fit/rear mech-fit from £20.50
Bottom Bracket service or replacement £20.50
Crank set replacement from £15.50
Chain Fitting £10.50
Service Options Price
Adjust Brakes (existing cables) £5.50
Brake Blocks – fit and adjust (front or rear) £10.50
Brake Cable – replace and adjust single £10.50
Brake Service—cable (includes replacement inner cables) £20.50
Service Options Price
Headset service £10.00
Headset or fork replacement £20.00
Handlebar replacement £20.00
Suspension fork fitting £20.00
Build from flat pack £20.00
Replace Pedals £5.00

Maintenance Service Options

Visual inspection and diagnosis
Tyres inflated to correct pressure
Wheels, bars, stem and bolts checked and tightened


Check tyres and inflate tubes
Check pedals are tight
Check cranks and b/b are tight
Front and rear gear service
Check wheel nuts/skewers are tight
Adjust cones front and rear, dismantle, if required
Check wheels are true
Check rims for wear
Check headset is adjusted properly
Set handlebars and stem to preferred position
Correctly adjust handlebar/controls
Remove seat post, clean, grease and refit
Check all carriers, mudguards and lights are correctly fitted
Adjust and size cycle to customer requirements
Road test cycle by mechanic
Brake or gear inner cables included as standard
Including cables as standard


Basic Service
Full bike strip down and valet
Removal of all parts, re-grease and re-fit
And include inner cables and brake blocks as standard


, Full strip down, including chain, cassette (if required)

, Brake pads and cables as standard

All prices are for labour only. Please note, any parts required are extra.

SWCC will always give you a price for parts prior to commencement of any work.

Our workshop can get busy, so we encourage you to book your services in advance.

Please promptly collect your bike once serviced.


If your bike is not collected within 5 working days of completion there will be a £5.00 per day storage charge.