The European Cycle Challenge has started!
4th May 2017   •   Posted in Uncategorised


During May, we are taking part in the European Cycling Challenge.

Whether you are cycling all the way to work, to the station, going to the shops or just enjoying being out on your bike, we want you to take part and record your routes to help improve cycling across the Clyde Valley.

Registration takes place from the beginning of April and the challenge uses the Naviki route tracker app. If you prefer you can also upload files from Strava, other tracker apps or GPS units.

The challenge includes all cycling (except sporting events) whether using your own bike, a hire bike or a borrowed bike.


The challenge allows us to see where real cycle journeys take place. This year it includes much of the Clyde Valley and is being delivered in association with all neighbouring authorities. For those that live in these areas your full journey will be counted.

This information will be used to make improvements where they are needed.

All route information is anonymised and shared with neighbouring authorities to help them and us join up our routes. So, even if you don’t live in Glasgow, or if you work outside Glasgow, take part in the challenge and it can improve your cycle facilities.


  • Visit the European Cycling Challenge website to Register
  • Download the Naviki cycling app which is available on Apple, Android and Windows.
  • On the APP, go to Leaderboards (Cup icon) and choose Glasgow City Region and any other group information, you can also do this on the web page
  • Record your journeys

It’s as easy as riding a bike!

The app can run alongside any existing route tracker software you may currently use so there is no need to worry about losing that King or Queen of the Mountain during the challenge.


To make the challenge more fun, we have a range of prizes available from the top brands in cycling. A full list of these will be published shortly.

Prizes will be awarded on a merit scheme. If you have gotten out on your bike, cycled to work and recorded your routes and submitted them, that could be you.

There will also be weekly prize draws based on participation rather than distance so even if you don’t cycle 500 km in a month you can still win a prize.

You can find out more by visiting Glasgow City Council’s website