South West CRP Trek
16th February 2017   •   Posted in Uncategorised

South West Community Rail Partnership, alongside South West Community Cycles and ScotRail deliver quality partnership work that improves health and well-being, encourages active travel and has a focus on a sustainable environment at its core. We hope to do our bit to make the world a better place.

Some of us folks here are going on a TREK:
Crossmyloof – Barrhead around 5.8 miles, Friday May 5th 2017, 11am starting Titwood Road near Crossmyloof Railway Station.

We are not looking for your money for sponsorship! What??!! We ask you to click on the link below and make a pledge instead!

DoNation Pledge

Make a pledge to help make our world a better place. Pick from one of the top Do Actions, or browse more by clicking the ‘pledge’ button above.  No need to limit it to one – do as many as you dare!

Some are really easy; others take a bit more effort, but every one helps our environment, health, or well-being. And remember – you only have to try it for two months.
There are so many to chose from, people have been known to pledge to try cycling after years of not being on a bike, cook a meal with friends, encourage others to be active, recycle more, go meat free, or have healthier eating habits!

Small actions really do add up to make a big difference.

So please, get doing!

If you want to get involved in a walking group or with the South West Community Rail Partnership please contact Theresa by phone or email.

0141 632 7155